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1906Simam History

Simam begins the production of mattresses in 1961, at the base of Monza.

Since 1963, the company participates at the Salone del Mobile in Milan and in 2003 receives the award for 40 years of uninterrupted participation.

In 1967 a new factory is built in Bellusco, near Milan. It will be doubled in 1972 and modernized in 2006.



Since the early years Simam is committed to the pursuit of comfort and proposes always innovative lines. In 1970 it produces the first quilted mattresses, in 1975 the upholstered beds, in 1981 the water mattress Aquarelax. In 1992 Simam brings out the first encased mattress and in 2000 the first stress-free mattress.

In 1980 Simam celebrates the millionth mattress produced.

At the childhood fair in Milan, Simam presents a line dedicated to children. The pursuit of innovation in this field continues with the Bimbo Tre crib, the following year.

In 1986 Simam participates as co-founder at the Consorzio Produttori Materassi di Qualità.

In 1987 Simam opens a show-room in Monza and in 1998 the first exhibition corner "SimamPoint" is created.

In 2003 Minister Tremonti delivers to Mr. Aldo Moreo, founder of the company, the Gold Medal for Industrial Merit.

In 2010 two Simam employees are named "Maestri del Lavoro" and in 2011 the company turns 50.