Relaxation Concept Store

Relaxation Concept Store

BEDSimam has always cultivated the culture of relaxation through it’s Simam Corner and it’s concept store “Benessere e Dormire” meaning “Well-being and Sleep” where experts offer information and consulting to their clients.

The main theme of the store is the five senses

Sense of sight: Relaxing colours are fundamental for a good nights sleep so Simam, with it’s new collection of mattresses, has chosen new colours and patterns to follow this philosophy.

Sense of hearing: In our stores you will hear the sounds of the rain, the sea and the wind to stimulate the emotions which only contact with nature can evoke.

Sense of touch: The entire range of fabrics used by Simam offers unique sensations to the touch with soft accommodating materials which promote deep and relaxing sleep. Accessories manufactured using high quality materials such as pure bio-cotton and real goose down are also available in store.

Sense of taste: We offer our guests free herbal infusions to complete their journey through well-being and relaxation.



The innovations which the bed store offers to its customers don’t finish here.

Also the arrangement of the products on offer reflects the attention to well-being and to sustainability.

The first relaxation concept store has completely changed the idea of interior spaces using white fabric covering on the walls and ceiling as well as special lighting and the sounds and perfumes of nature to lead the visitor into a sensory experience.



...It’s like being enveloped in a cloud, or being launched into a dream...

The chain of bed stores offers not only a commercial space but also a meeting point for cultural events with the possibility to exchange creative ideas.